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Liquid Metal is a 3D/Adventure/Platformer set in Xenobia, an all-robot utopia that just got invaded by…humans! Can Doug rescue his girlfriend and save the world before it’s too late?

Since its inception, Xenobia has been a world of peaceful precision. But that all changed with the arrival of the humans, a race of crude, crass, meaty invaders who seem to think of Xenobia’s inhabitants as little more than darling collectibles. Now on the brink of destruction, Xenobia’s future looks bleak. However, all is not lost: an unassuming robot named Doug and a few stragglers have managed to escape capture — and Dr. Podd has a plan, if Doug can find him in time!

Doug begins his adventure as an ordinary, everyday robot, able to walk, run, and jump his way through Syntak City’s intricate levels and expansive topography. But his abilities don’t stop there. With power-ups, he can install new weapons and abilities, becoming a mean, metal, human-fighting machine!


  • Tom Kane (Yoda from Star Wars, Professor Utonium from Power Puff Girls)
  • Steve Cardenas (Red Ranger From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • John Mondelli (Spiderman: The Amazing Spiderman 2, Starlord: Guardians of The Galaxy-mobile app)
  • Yumi Mizui (Big Hero 6, The Wolverine, Godzilla, Tokyo Drift)
  • Brimstone (Brimstone Comic Book, Grindhouse Radio – Toxic Radio)
  • Kristen Hughey (World Famous cosplayer)
  • Mindy Robinson (Range 15, VHS 2)
  • Scott Bailey (Law & Order, Undressed, Walker Texas Ranger)
  • LeeAnna Vamp (World famous cosplayer)
  • Sal Perales (Wasteland, Rogue Rebels, Saber Guild)

And many more…

Liquid Metal will feature a truly alloy-bending, mind-melting, soundtrack created in collaboration by three incredible composers, Stefan L. Smith (Cut-Scene Composer), Simon De La Cruz (Level Music Composer) and additional music by Sean Gordon.

This is one musical trifecta you definitely won’t want to miss!




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